The Investment…


There are two options in purchasing when it comes to using Ashley Taylor Photography.

Some clients want a sessions and their disk to print where and when they want.

Some clients want the added service of a viewing session to help narrow down favorite images and ordering prints for their home and loved ones.

I understand I have a great demand for both so I have decided to offer both options.

Option #1-  The session fee with ordering session

$150- $200 +tax

includes the session fee, and editing of 40-60 images, and viewing session.

This price does NOT include the disk

Disk is available to for purchase for $350 or free with $600 in reprints

Options #2- The session fee with print release disk

$500- $550 +tax

This includes the session fee,

editing of 40-60 images

a dvd print release disk

and a $50 print credit.


These sessions are available for…

High School Seniors- $150

1-2  hours shooting time. 3 outfit changes.


Families- $200

immediate family only. up to 8 people. up to 2 hours shooting time.


Newborn babies- $200

in home or in studio. 2 hours shooting time


Engagements- $150

1-1.5 hours shooting time. two outfit changes.



1-1.5 hours shooting time.



1-1.5 hours shooting time. 3 outfit changes


***Now offering Studio and location MINI sessions!!

Studio-$175 + tax

outdoor location- $200


*30-45 minutes of shooting time. 1-2 outfit changes.

*up to 2 Children

* 10 edited images on a disk with print release.

$25 print credit with me

*11×14 print credit to Pro digital photos

Add $50 for each additional child. For each additional child more time will be spent shooting and 5 more edited images will be on the disk.



At this time I am not shooting weddings.:(

Things to note when booking a session….

There is a $50 non refundable deposit required at the time of booking. This will assure your spot on the calendar. You can mail your deposits to:
Ashley Taylor Photography
34 West Deer Creek Trail Elk Ridge, Utah 84651
Once payment is received your session date is booked and secure.(movable if needed but you have a spot)
Please be aware the $50 Deposit is not refundable if a session is canceled rather than moved to another date or time.
The remaining balance of the session fee is due at the time of the session.
The session includes the photographers time and talent and editing of 30-40 images.
This does not include prints, digital files or disks.

The Viewing session and ordering.

I am so happy to be able to offer  viewing sessions! When your images are ready for you, you will be able to come
into the studio, or I can come to your home,and be presented with your session. This is a great way to see the many  options of what I offer, and
different ways to decorate your home with Portraits and Photography Art .
I like to schedule this about 2 weeks from your portrait session. Once at portrait viewing session, your images will be presented to you in a
beautiful slide show. You will then be able make any and all orders from your session, so please invite anyone and all to
come along who will be a part of wanting any images from your session. As to make the most of your session,be thinking
of how you want to display your images in your home and any gift prints you may need for friends and family. Please note that
there will only be one viewing session for each sitting, so make sure to schedule your viewing session when all can be there
and all orders can be made at that time.If you have frames or walls that need to be filled, have measurements ready, so it
will be easier to decide what will be the best fit for those things.
Feel free to contact me for home consultations as well.
What better way to decorate your home than with beautiful images of the ones you love?

There is no minimum order that is required but I do offer the complete high resolution digital negative disk to my clients
with a reprint order of $500 or more. Once you have placed your portrait order at your viewing session, please allow 1-2 weeks
to receive them back, as I take a lot of care in making sure every portrait is just right. At least half of your order is due at the
time of ordering and the remainder is due at the time of pick up or delivery. We accept cash, check and credit cards with pay pal.

I will call or email you when orders are ready to be picked up or delivered.
To schedule a session: you may call or go to the ‘contact’ section of the web site.
Beautiful portraits are such a great investment and a way to remember this time in your lives for
years to come. Times we can never get back! Feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns,.
Thank you!!!

Lets Have fun with it…
Q:What do I wear to my session?
A: Well, I always say…What do you like? What is ‘you’? I like kids with things that they love, even though I am not BIG into lots of props, some times it really adds to the image. I love bright colors but stay away from t-shirts with logos or big prints on the front (Characters etc)
Couples don’t have to be Matchy-matchy but do try to be along the same color scheme. Families can do the same.
Some suggestions might be: button up boys shirts, newsboy hats, cargo shorts, girls tutu’s, bright striped or polka dot leggings, rain boots, etc.  For couples and seniors I love that little ‘pop’ of color: bright red high heels, scarfs, etc…Think layers….
If you need ideas don’t hesitate to  call, but the point is to bring out  you!

Q:How soon do I need to book my session?
A: I am usually booked out at least 2 weeks (sometimes longer) depending on the season. If you are wanting a Spring or summer shoot I would suggest calling a month prior. I always try to do what I can to accommodate , but sometimes I am full so call the earliest you can just to be safe.

Q: Where will we go for my session?
A: It all depends on what kind of a look you want. Most times I go for a very “urban” or “grunge” look. I have quite a few different locations I like to use and am open to suggestions you might have also. Just call me and let me know what kind of a look you have in mind and we can find somewhere that is perfect for you. I also do in studio work which offers a more classic /simple  feel . Maternity and Newborn sessions are usually done this way.

Q: I am pregnant and want a session for my baby, When should I schedule it?
A: Call and get a session spot when you are about 6-8 Weeks from your due date. Newborn babies are best photographed  from birth to 10 days old. I like them in this window . They are still in that sleepy / pliable stage. After the 10 days they become more restless and harder to work with.Also, all newborn sessions come a custom designed birth announcement that you have the option of ordering and sending out. Also keep in mind I love to photograph my babies with minimal clothing . Bare bums and diapers are best.
I understand the part of “not quite knowing” an exact day but we can figure up a round about time  that I can set aside for you.

If you have any other questions about a session or anything else, I would love to hear it.  Feel free to call (801)787-7644 or email


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lynda - July 22, 2014 - 12:02 am

Hi Ashley,
I am interested in your mini session for a newborn. Are we able to do some family pictures in this session as well, or is that too much for a mini session?

Thank You,

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