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I posted an image from last nights shoot and I have quite a few people ask how I shot it. So for those of you who are intested I will explain…

Here is the shot…

In this shot I knew I wanted the blue sky and the starburst in the sky while still lighting him but not over powering him. so I exposed for my sky. f22. My ISO was at 100. I needed to stay at 1/200 of a second for my shutter sync. I was using an alien bee 1600 strobe flash unit powered by a vagabond mini portable from Paul Buff. its super light weight and awesome sauce. I cranked my light up to max power because I wanted all of that light to over power the sun. My light was placed just to my right and it was about a 45 degree angle from subject and me  and was about the height of my subjects head. I used a small 2×3 softbox which is great for travel. I was completely laying flat on the ground on my back shooting up. I shot this with my Nikon D600 in Raw  at 24mm with my 24-70mm 2.8 lens.  I love the look the wide angle of the 24-70mm lens gives. I used it all the time with seniors.

When I shot at F22 and 1/200 of a second my subject darker than what I would have liked. So I had two options…. leave him dark and get the sky like what I wanted or open up my F- stop and loose a little of my sun. ( I could have even brought him closer to the light too but for this shot I liked the composition of him center and my light at this point was barely out of the frame) so I stopped down to F13 and boom!  I didn’t have to much to this image from right out of the camera. I brought it in Camera RAW and adjusted the white balance a little bit. Since I shot this on 6500 Kelvin I was pretty much right on but I added a little more warmth. I also brought up my shadows just a little. I then brought it into Photoshop. First, I darkened the blue of the sky and sharpened up the subject and the net to make it pop. I also did a little dodging and burning and applied a low opacity soft light layer in PS, cropped just a little to straighten it out….. and….voila!

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If you have any other questions let me know. If I get enough I will do a question and answer post. Leave a comment or leave me a fb message or email em at nickanash@msn.com

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