the difference in light….

Tonight I was honored to shoot for a very beautiful Senior. As I came home to upload these images I pulled up these two images side by side. I thought, Wow! look at the difference! These were shot seconds apart. My model didn’t move from where she was standing. It was all the difference in light and my settings. So I thought I would share.

This first image was shot with just natural light. She was back lit so the sky is gone after I exposed for her face. I set my camera to 2.8 and 1/500 sec with an ISO of 100 . Its very bright and totally the look I wanted.

Then I wanted to change it up a bit. So I used my off camera light/strobe to give me a different look.

This time I wanted the sky and the sun in my shot . So I exposed for my sky and changed my settings. Changing my f stop to F18 and my shutter to 1/160 and my flash at full power and placing my camera angle a little lower shooting upward,  I was able to get that look. Very dramatic and also just what I wanted. Very cool??

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by ashley

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